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Payroll processing is an internal function that can be most easily outsourced. Off-loading to us the routine of calculating the net salary and taxes, vacation or sick leave, deducting taxable costs from business trips and many more small tascks may be a serious time-saver. Then it may reduce costs when accounting function is not enough for full time internal position. This process becomes even more important if different work schedules are in place, when employees work in regions, if you need to consider bonus payments, hazardous working conditions, and people working under civil law contracts. Last but not least is personal data protection and handling. All of which may be solved with the help of outsourcing the payroll and HR function to the professional provider.

"Globaudit is listed Among the Largest Consulting Companies in Russia. We are in top 40 of outsourcing companies as well."
Anton Klimanov, Managing Partner

Core payroll services

  • Calculation of salary, personal taxes and social insurance contributions; Reporting to the Tax Service, Pension Fund and other social insurance funds
  • according to the provisions of Law;
  • Delivery of the results of monthly payroll processing to the Company (via e-mail or in
  • hard copy);
  • Uploading of the results of monthly payroll processing into the customer’s accounting
  • system;
  • Preparing the payment orders for remittance of salary and salary-related taxes.

HR services

  • Preparing a full set of HR documentation according to Russian law including administrative orders about employee hiring or termination, position change, statutory vacation or leave without payment, sick-leave certificates, sending to business trip issuing business trip and many other.
  • Designing a set of principal HR documents: internal HR principles and drafts of labour contracts, designing of Authorized position List and amendments to it
  • Compiling of labor agreement forms and civil type contracts
  • HR documents audit
  • HR documents restoration
  • Labour and Civil Code consulting

If your company has just started its operations, Globaudit BS can help you properly execute employment agreements and establish your business in accordance with Russian labor legislation. If your company has already commenced operations and you are uncertain as to whether your documentation has been executed in accordance with state legal requirements or if you lack the time and/or necessary human resources to execute proper HR documents, then this is the service for you.

If you your HR documentation is not in the desired order we may offer restoration of HR documentation. A spot check or full HR audit may be necessary before we proceed with this task.