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Entrust communication with the tax authorities and preparation for audits to experts with 30 years of experience



What is included in our services
  • Filing of reports

    We will prepare declarations for all types of taxes, zero reporting, reporting to the EPF. We will keep accounting statements (balance sheet and appendices to it). We will create revised declarations and explanatory documents
  • Communicating with regulatory authorities

    We will provide comprehensive answers to the requirements of regulatory authorities. We’ll take over communication with supervisory authorities
  • Tax planning

    We will advise you how to reduce your organisation’s tax liabilities to the maximum extent possible using legal methods and tools
  • Additional reports

    Work with additional report forms — Rosstat, Ministry of Justice, Federal Customs Service (FCS)


What is included in our services
  • Statutory

    We will conduct an annual statutory audit of accounting and financial statements, to ensure that it complies with the laws of the Russian Federation
  • Proactive

    We will help you with a full or random audit of your accounts. We will make sure that tax and accounting records are correct and accurate
  • Personnel

    We organise independent audits of personnel records and the work of the personnel department. Especially relevant, if the head of the HR department or the organisation’s staff structure changes, the company is preparing for an inspection by supervisory authorities or creating a set of HR materials for archiving. Personnel audit is carried out, when labour legislation changes
  • Rapid check

    We will carry out a prompt random audit of accounting and tax accounting. It is used before the tax inspection or if you want to quickly assess the work of the accounting department, to attract a large loan or credit. Express-check ordered when the accountant changes or director of the company

Personnel records

What is included in our services
  • Personnel management

    We will maintain and record employment records. We will administer business trips, sick leave and all types of holidays. We will calculate the insurance record. We’ll prepare certificates and copies of documents for employees. We will help with mass hiring and changes in the terms of employment contracts
  • Consultations on labour disputes

    We will help you resolve a conflict situation in your organisation. We will explain how to get out of a labour dispute with the least losses for both parties
  • Restoration of personnel records

    Develop local regulations and job descriptions
  • Electronic document management

    Organise and maintain electronic personnel document flow


What is included in our services
  • Consultations on company management

    We provide management company services. We take on We take on auxiliary functions and solve managerial, legal, accounting, HR, marketing and other strategically important issues for the group of companies, and other strategically important issues for the group of companies. We help to centralise the management of the organisation
  • Management reporting

    Develop and implement a management reporting system in the organisation. Analyse the current financial and management reporting
  • Business registration

    We will open a sole proprietorship or LLC on a turnkey basis
  • Choice of tax regime

    We will help you choose the optimal taxation system taking into account the type of the company’s activity, expected income and expenses, as well as regional peculiarities

Military records

What is included in our services
  • Enrolment of the organisation in the military register

    We will collect the necessary package of documents. It includes form No. 18, an order to appoint a person responsible for keeping military records, an order to organise military records, an annual work plan for military records, for keeping military records, an order on the organisation of military records, an annual work plan for military records
  • Preparation of documents for each person liable for military service

    We’ll prepare the cards of military conscripted personnel and conscripts, Form 10. We’ll compile lists of those who are in the reserve. Collect information on employees who are on the military register. Find out who has not entered on the military register, but must do so by law
  • Monthly military registration

    We will prepare all documents and advise the organisation on military registration. We will explain how to keep a military registration register
  • Preparation of the list of persons liable for military duty

    We will conduct an audit of employees and prepare a list of persons liable for military service. We will collect the necessary package of documents for each employee subject to military service

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