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Made to order. Tailored to your needs.


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Made to order. Tailored to your needs.


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Made to order. Tailored to your needs.


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Made to order. Tailored to your needs.



Latest news about COVID-19 virus. See latest legislative changes, learn about experience of the business in lockdown and how to combat the crisis. Also check out our latest work process news and useful advise.

You are the VIP

We designed the VIP service for you: get a personal CFO with the power of the outsourcing company behind. We listen to requests, work out individual service plan and approach all assignements with exclusivity. Learn more how we do it.

Our Servces

Learn more about payroll, accounting, HR management, tax planning, intercompany reporting, audit or DD. But foremost about how you can benefit from our customized services tailored specifically to your business and situation.

WHY CHOOSE Globaudit Business Service?

Custom made services

Like a human any company is different and unique. Standard solutions are not for everybody. Actually, any company wants personalized approach. So we offer to be your VIP finance and accounting service: designed by your request, tailored to your needs & delivered at your place.

Professional staff

We have 25 years of expertise. Almost all employees are certified accountants or auditors in RF. We provide legal and tax consulting with actual action advise in conclusion. We understand business English, we speak plain English.

Your personal CFO

We offer a personal manager or accountant to be only your key contact. Depending on the volume of assignement this could be an accounting assistant with a routine function or a Chief Accountant or CFO with team of assistants. This type of service may even be implanted in your office!

Keep It Simple

Accounting processes can be daunting so we trying to keep it simple. You may communicate with your personal manager via WhatsApp, Telegram or any modern communication service. Your requests and documents may be exchanged just within a single window on a laptop or smartphone!


It may be overlooked in the era of fast internet and FaceTime calls but our office is conveniently located 2 minutes walk from metro station in the very center of Moscow. There are several major banks & notary offices around. We also offer a free car parking for visitors.

Lawyers support

We have a full format & diverse legal company running along. This becomes useful when a company need an actual lawyers support, including going to Court, protecting against intellectual property infringement, international arbitration, settle trade dispute, tax office or employee claims and more.

Call anytime

Ask us anything. Our support staff will not only help you be better, but help you learn some accounting & tax planning hints along the way.

IT solutions

We are offering a range of IT solutions along with standard accounting. Weather it is 1C customisation, implementation of mapping with SAP accounts or just setting up a chat bot for Telegram channel, we can design and implement it just for you.


for Russian or foreign entities

For 25 years we have been working with many local or foreign companies in Russia. Some of them are well known international brands & some are just small businesses or individual entrepreneurs. Laws are the same but every client is different. Are you not-so-happy with your current accountant? Do you think your accounting firm charge you too much for their service? Please tell us about your needs and we will try our best to get you an appealing offer



Our office is open from 9:00 to 19:00 Monday to Friday. You may find us by address indicated below or using our link on Google maps on the right. Please call us in advance to book a timeslot for appointment!


  • Moscow 119017 Malaya Ordynka street 5/6
  • building 4 Entrance 1 office 1


  • +7 (495) 951-64-55
  • +7 (495) 951-62-53


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